Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Plans

I'm home...thank goodness.  Nothing like the freeway being shut down to make a crazy Friday commute even crazier.  I just happened to get to the accident involving the overturned semi-truck at the highway merge so I didn't have to wait long...10 more minute and I would have been taking the LONG way home.

On deck this weekend is operation Get Life Organized...Again.  This is a never ending saga in my house and hopefully this will be the last of it.

Take my kitchen for instance; I wish it could be like this.

Instead, I feel like it is more like this...

OK, really I know it isn't that bad....much.

So this weekend it is all about getting it done and getting this place so clean that Mrs. Cleaver would be amazed.   I mean if the heat is going to keep me indoors and unable to do anything fun then might as well get things in order.  After all....

I also got a home notebook done today so I could put all of my lists (I'm OCD like that) in one place.  I give it 2 weeks before I am back to writing notes on the back of the cereal box.  Not that I really do that...much.  Doesn't single life rock!!

Also on deck, head to the grocery store to take back the sounds good but is really germ infested turkey burger patty I got at the store this week.  Seems the recall bug hit my house.  Now I really do live in a germ infested hoard!!

Gym is also, of course, on the plan. I'm thinking Sunday is a good day for some TurboKick.  I usually hate classes but I just need to face up to the fear of looking like a complete, uncoordinated dork and try it.  I have not really tried a cardio type class since the infamous failing of aerobics in college.  Seriously, it was not my fault!!  Who ever schedule a morning aerobics class was on crack.  It really cut into my staying out and partying time.  Ok maybe I was just lazy.  Some things never change!

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