Friday, September 16, 2011

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Review

So I have never reviewed a book on here because nothing truly inspired me to...until now.

A little background about me first shall we...

1) I love my dogs, heck all my animals.  They are my family and my comfort.  I would do anything for them.

2) I love to drive.  One of my obsessions is HPDE...High Performance Driving Events. It isn't racing, there is no winner (my insurance wouldn't cover it then). But is is basically the same thing without as much of the competition. We all get on track hoping one day to have the skills to race.  We practice it, we study it when we aren't at the track, and we live for track days.

Now, that said...I. LOVED.THIS.BOOK. The cat hated it because it kept my attention away from her.

It combined my two favorite things.  On the surface, it reinforced some track lessons.  Deeper, it related the track to real world and made some of my lessons even more valuable.  It reminded me to never give up and keep thinking ahead and thinking positive.

The struggles in the story held my attention and the story line.  While I have seen some say it was predictable, it was told in such a way to keep me reading.  Truth be told, I read the whole thing cover to cover in about 4 hours.  I haven't done that with a book since Gone With the Wind. (yes, I read the WHOLE thing without a about a long night).

Open yourself up to the lessons in it.  When it talks about driving lessons, relate them to your personal life and see them as more than they appear because the car really does go where the eyes go.

This is one that will stay on my shelf and I will read again.

Now, on to The Help...tomorrow.

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