Friday, December 23, 2011

Here We Go Again

Wow, has it really been since September since I was last blogging?  Funny what happens when you get off track.

I am in full on planning mode here with the trusty list of everything I am cooking and baking over the next four days.  More importantly , I am trying to not let the change in my days off that just happened zap my holiday spirit. I see it as an unexpected day off after Christmas as opposed to having to work on Friday when I wasn't supposed to.

Not sure about anyone else but my simple Christmas lunch menu went from easy and casual to two days full of cooking, new recipes, and crazy experimentation with meals.  I went from cooking one meal to cooking two elaborate meals. 

Christmas eve, I am cooking a duck...a whole duck.  I saw it as the store and said why not.  I have never done it before and what better time than for a holiday eve meal. That means that tonight I get to boil the duck and find room for it in my fridge.  Easier said than done when I have a ba-jillion things in there already.

Christmas Day went from a ham with a few sides to, a ham, cornish game hens and 5 different sides.  I have never wished for a double oven more in my life.  I keep looking in my kitchen wondering how I can remodel it just to get a double oven for the one time a year I actually need it.  I have it figured out but I need the money tree to be able to afford it.

I promise pictures of the craziness and a few more blog posts over the holiday next week. 

Until then, Merry Christmas!