Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day One With a New Back

I woke up this morning feeling like a new person.  Not sure if it was because my back felt better or because I got 8 hours of sleep without the cat waking my up in the middle of the night by walking on top of me. It's the way it is with a 16 year old spoiled rotten fur ball and I would't have it any other way.

Today was a rainy, cold, dark day here in my area. I left for work 30 minutes early and got there 30 minutes later than usual.  Thank you flooding and drivers who can't drive in the rain. Very fun drive let me tell you.  Needless to say, I didn't get out for lunch today for my usual walk around the building. In fact, I didn't even eat lunch today.  I was so worked up and nervous about some pretty big things and completely lost my appetite.

Once I got home from work I really thought about the fact that I hadn't had lunch and had to go work out. Bad move to have a protein drink with milk. The tummy was NOT doing too good around the end.  But I did get a small workout with my trainer (the back is still healing so I am limited in what I can do) and a little HIIT on the elliptical afterwards. By the way, if  you need motivation to keep going during cardio, pick the machine in between two people who are going slow as molasses on a 8 incline and a 1 resistance.  The competitive person in my pumped the incline and resistance up and took off.  It felt great.  I wasn't in the mood to do any cardio after work but it felt so good to work off some of the stress.

I have been craving pizza for two days so tonight I gave in.  BUT!!!! I did it as healthy as I could.  Palio's small gluten free classic with chicken, garlic, and basil and a salad. I had self control and didn't eat it all tonight (although I could have easily) and saved enough for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  Keep saying it until it's true.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still Walking

Went to the back cracker today and boy did the back crack.  It still is a little sore but I know I am working on it and it will get better.  Needless to say, tonight was a rest night on the couch.  Last thing I want to do is to mess up what the chiropractor did this afternoon.

Today, my office was what I affectionately refer to as the "TB Ward". My office is in between two others; two others whose occupants both have some sort of a bug that involves coughing and hacking.  I almost wanted to walk out after being there all of 10 minutes.  I thought I was going to have to be locked into my office all day (which then becomes a closet).  Thank goodness I remembered these were in my gym back in the car.

Yea for Pandora and earphones!  I survived but rarely left my office all day.  The last thing I need is to get whatever these two have passed around.  I have big plans on Thursday and they include my favorite 6 month old and lots of cuddling.

Completely off subject...I, like everyone else am guilty of killing time on Pinterest.  I have one pin that I pinned over a month ago and it still gets pinned everyday.  It is my most pinned item.

Glad to see the plaid is still rocking!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I Curse the Foam Roller

I completely cursed the foam roller tonight!!  I could have rolled for 30 minutes and not gotten the knots out.  I have never had a side plank ruined by a tight IT band until tonight. All in all though, great Monday workout. 45 minutes of cardio followed by a 30 minute Tabata session with the trainer.  My legs are toast, by shoulders are toast, I am toast.

I have decided that this week is all about the crockpot in terms of cooking.  I did freak out a little when I came home from work and smelled food cooking. I completely forgot that I started dinner before I went to work.  It was such a great thing to come home from the gym and not have to think about dinner.  Now I just have to think about packing lunch for tomorrow and getting dishes washed.

So my back is not really better so I decided to go to a Chiropractor for the first time and see what they can do.  I think part of it is my hips are a little outta whack due to some muscle tightness.  Bonus is that the chiropractor has a massage therapist on staff.  If the Dr. adds a massage component to my treatment, I can finally get a massage included!  I NEED a massage in the worst way!  Full recap of the back cracking tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Can I just say that the Booty Buster workout mention in my last post almost took a literal meaning tonight and it should also be called the Booty Buster/Calf Killer.  Anywho, after finishing one round of the workout, I decided to do 15 minutes of HIIT as well. After I got off that machine I literally was walking funny and my toes felt strange.  Just the motion of the Elliptical caused a surreal experience when I first tried to walk.  It took about 2 minutes till I just felt sore.

So here is my dilemma...after a heavy workout I have no desire to refuel.  The thought of food just isn't appealing to me. I came home and tried to eat dinner and nothing sounded good.  3 hours later and still nothing sounds good.  The only thing I could stomach was the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk.  I even have food already made in the fridge. :(  I know I need to figure this out it's just hard making myself eat when I am not hungry.  I partially blame it on the mental mindset I gave myself through years of dieting.  So hard to change that and eat for fuel and eat enough as opposed to starving and eating less.

Other than that, just a typical day around the town.  Did the work thing, did the drive home thing and repeat tomorrow.  Yea for boring and normal.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And We're Sidelined

Do you ever feel like you start so good only to keep being sidelined?  This week was all about getting it done, busting my butt, and getting things moving.  Then the straw came and broke the camel's back so to speak.  Technically it is my back that got wrenched.

It started when I went out to lunch with a friend on Monday. Bony butt + hard chair + my not being able to sit still = pinched nerve. Now, add that result to massive cleaning and moving around the house + a killer workout = pulled back.

It was killer at work so bad that I modified my desk at the office to work standing up. I guess it did help me to get a little bit of a workout in.  I might just do that each day just to get some lunges and calf raises in.

However, before I put the straw on my back, I did end up doing my 30 minutes of training along with 40 minutes of the Booty Buster Elliptical Workout from Bess.  Goodness gracious...looks are deceiving.  I will be heading back in for a rematch with that workout tomorrow morning before work.

I figure that holding out and just rolling and stretching tonight will make my back a little better and then I can get back to it tomorrow.  I just don't want to lose that motivation.  I have a goal and a dream and it feels good to get that back.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mental Workout Day

Note to self: Do not schedule a training session on the same day as an interview...a 2 and a half hour interview!

After I finished that marathon brain drain, I could barely think of my own name, my voice was gone, and the tension headache from finally relaxing after 3 days came on...hard.  But, I am proud that I pushed though and went ahead and went and got my butt kicked.  The workout was actually pretty easy tonight.  Not sure if my trainer was taking it easy on me or if I just didn't have the mental capacity to protest and feel the pain.

It could have possibly been the Spanx pantyhose I wore all day that went ahead and made my abs mush.  My word!!  I forgot how icky pantyhose were.  If anything the "happy" layer they were holding in was a reminder to keep getting myself into the gym and getting rid of the holiday face stuffing pounds.

Speaking of getting back on track, I am sure everyone has heard of Pinterest by now.  I have so many yummy looking recipes (most of them healthy) posted that I want to try.  I decided to try one a week and then if I enjoyed it and would make it again, I would move it over to the Recipe Box Board.  If I didn't like it, it was gone.

I have one moved over and I have one more to review and move.  I think I will be getting a review of them up on here shortly along with my own pictures and ideas for future modifications.  Not really doing this for anyone but me, and the fact that I have a whole baking rack full of recipes that I can never find where they are when I want a repeat.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Luck Count...Three Days

I'm starting to think it's all a frame of mind and I seem to be rocking it.  I am still scared it is going to cave in, but I just have to put faith where I know it belongs and it will all work out.  But that doesn't mean I will be talking about it.  I still believe you can jinx yourself.

Let's just say that this weekend I will be studying for a very important meeting next week.  One I really want to excel at.

I headed to the gym tonight and busted out a 20 minute HIIT cardio session on the treadmill before hitting my 30 minute training session where yet again I did a Tabata session.  Why is it when I workout like that I have no appetite?  I know I need to eat something but I really can't think of anything that even sounds remotely appealing to my tummy.

Is it just me or has this week felt like a full week even with Monday off?  I am SO ready to be home for a full weekend...well almost a full weekend.  Tomorrow I am helping a friend celebrate her birthday and then spending the night at the parentals.  I just hope I can sleep in a little at their place on Saturday.

This week, food wise had be a completely vegetarian week and I must say, I will be making some of the recipes I have made this week again.  Specifically, the Veggie Strudel from Proud Italian Cook.  NOT my picture but you get the idea. SO GOOD!!  I modified mine because the thought of eggplant just doesn't set well with me.  I ended up roasting zucchini, yellow squash, carrot, red pepper and onion. Next time I might try making a balsamic reduction for it as well.  In terms of the cheese, I used what was available in the cheese drawer (yes, I have a cheese drawer).  I used fontina, parmesan, and string cheese sticks (mental note, get more mozzarella).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ready or Not...

It's time to embrace 2012 and get on with it!

I figured it was time  to jump on the bandwagon and figure out what I want to accomplish this year.  Without further ado...

1.  Get the plastic paid off.  This basically means that everything extra I have is going to go to paying off that debt.  I also entails watching my budget like a hawk.  It will be nice to finally get that debt paid off and be done with it. Once that is done then it is on to dreaded student loan debt. :(

2. Recommit to working out.  I went off the wagon BIG TIME the last two months of the year and not it is time to get back on track.  I plan the first two months to lose what I gained in my sugar binge.  After that, it is going to be more about pushing myself to do what I didn't think I could instead of trying to lose X pounds.

3. Cook, cook, and cook.  Part of helping the first two goals is to start back to cooking all my meals again.  I think this time I am going to try to spice it up and not get bored by doing new themes each week. This week as been all vegetarian.  Trust me, it is helping to clean out the junk I ate.

4.  Read 24 books this year.  I will shortly be updating my What I Read for 2012.  One of the books I will read is the Bible...cover to cover.  Thanks to my Nook (present from the maternal unit), it is easier to do.

5.  Create the Cookbook.  I read an article around Christmas time about preserving family recipes and I loved the idea. My Grandma created a book about 20 years ago and time has taken its toll on it from use.  This year, I want to recreate all of the recipes in the book, photograph it, and then create a true book from it for everyone in the family.  My plan is to use these as Christmas presents this year.

6.  Relax.  This is more a pledge to stop worrying and put it all in God's hands.  I stress over things I shouldn't stress about and I worry too much.  I need to remember that there is a plan for my life and I need to trust it is the right path.