Monday, January 23, 2012

I Curse the Foam Roller

I completely cursed the foam roller tonight!!  I could have rolled for 30 minutes and not gotten the knots out.  I have never had a side plank ruined by a tight IT band until tonight. All in all though, great Monday workout. 45 minutes of cardio followed by a 30 minute Tabata session with the trainer.  My legs are toast, by shoulders are toast, I am toast.

I have decided that this week is all about the crockpot in terms of cooking.  I did freak out a little when I came home from work and smelled food cooking. I completely forgot that I started dinner before I went to work.  It was such a great thing to come home from the gym and not have to think about dinner.  Now I just have to think about packing lunch for tomorrow and getting dishes washed.

So my back is not really better so I decided to go to a Chiropractor for the first time and see what they can do.  I think part of it is my hips are a little outta whack due to some muscle tightness.  Bonus is that the chiropractor has a massage therapist on staff.  If the Dr. adds a massage component to my treatment, I can finally get a massage included!  I NEED a massage in the worst way!  Full recap of the back cracking tomorrow.

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