Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mental Workout Day

Note to self: Do not schedule a training session on the same day as an interview...a 2 and a half hour interview!

After I finished that marathon brain drain, I could barely think of my own name, my voice was gone, and the tension headache from finally relaxing after 3 days came on...hard.  But, I am proud that I pushed though and went ahead and went and got my butt kicked.  The workout was actually pretty easy tonight.  Not sure if my trainer was taking it easy on me or if I just didn't have the mental capacity to protest and feel the pain.

It could have possibly been the Spanx pantyhose I wore all day that went ahead and made my abs mush.  My word!!  I forgot how icky pantyhose were.  If anything the "happy" layer they were holding in was a reminder to keep getting myself into the gym and getting rid of the holiday face stuffing pounds.

Speaking of getting back on track, I am sure everyone has heard of Pinterest by now.  I have so many yummy looking recipes (most of them healthy) posted that I want to try.  I decided to try one a week and then if I enjoyed it and would make it again, I would move it over to the Recipe Box Board.  If I didn't like it, it was gone.

I have one moved over and I have one more to review and move.  I think I will be getting a review of them up on here shortly along with my own pictures and ideas for future modifications.  Not really doing this for anyone but me, and the fact that I have a whole baking rack full of recipes that I can never find where they are when I want a repeat.

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