Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ready or Not...

It's time to embrace 2012 and get on with it!

I figured it was time  to jump on the bandwagon and figure out what I want to accomplish this year.  Without further ado...

1.  Get the plastic paid off.  This basically means that everything extra I have is going to go to paying off that debt.  I also entails watching my budget like a hawk.  It will be nice to finally get that debt paid off and be done with it. Once that is done then it is on to dreaded student loan debt. :(

2. Recommit to working out.  I went off the wagon BIG TIME the last two months of the year and not it is time to get back on track.  I plan the first two months to lose what I gained in my sugar binge.  After that, it is going to be more about pushing myself to do what I didn't think I could instead of trying to lose X pounds.

3. Cook, cook, and cook.  Part of helping the first two goals is to start back to cooking all my meals again.  I think this time I am going to try to spice it up and not get bored by doing new themes each week. This week as been all vegetarian.  Trust me, it is helping to clean out the junk I ate.

4.  Read 24 books this year.  I will shortly be updating my What I Read for 2012.  One of the books I will read is the Bible...cover to cover.  Thanks to my Nook (present from the maternal unit), it is easier to do.

5.  Create the Cookbook.  I read an article around Christmas time about preserving family recipes and I loved the idea. My Grandma created a book about 20 years ago and time has taken its toll on it from use.  This year, I want to recreate all of the recipes in the book, photograph it, and then create a true book from it for everyone in the family.  My plan is to use these as Christmas presents this year.

6.  Relax.  This is more a pledge to stop worrying and put it all in God's hands.  I stress over things I shouldn't stress about and I worry too much.  I need to remember that there is a plan for my life and I need to trust it is the right path.

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