Monday, February 6, 2012

Remembering The Lesson

 (My Monday smile present to myself today.  Sometimes you have to buy yourself flowers!)

This weekend was a great unwind and de-stress weekend.  I think I needed it in the worst way since I have been stressing over everything around here lately.  So much that I can't sleep and I feel sick a lot. 

Something interesting happened today.  It was wonderful and it made me cry so much and I am so happy.

Back up though, and let me tell you about Sunday (I promise it has a part of the bigger story).  I was at the track doing my monthly HPDE thing.  I woke up on time on Sunday and was able to go to "church" services that the event organizers put on.  To be honest, I usually pick sleep over this service because I am so tired, but something woke me up, got me there and walked me into the service. I listened to the video that was playing as well as a few people telling their stories.  The lesson to breathe and to remember who is in charge and what is important in life hit me.  It made me realize how much I have been stressing over things lately and how it was effecting me and everyone around me. I remembered I do need to leave it all up to God and to stop trying to fight his plan. At the closing prayer, it was so hard for me to hold back the tears.  I succeeded though (I couldn't show the girly side around a bunch of guys!!).

 I enjoyed the rest of the weekend, and didn't think about what is, what might be, or what is coming.  I enjoyed the present and just breathed it all in.  I prayed on Sunday night to believe and just let go of the worry of my job potentially being gone at the end of this month and all the scary things that brings with it.

This morning, I got a call from an organization I had previously interviewed with over a month ago asking me to come back in for a final interview.  The crocodile tears came fast and hard and I was so happy and excited and saying prayers of thanks.  An hour later, I got a call from another organization wanting me to come in for an interview.  Even now, I am truly amazed. 

Lesson learned....quit fighting, keep trying, and it all works out the way it is supposed to. 

At lunch I decided to head over to Whole Foods for a big salad.  Yummy, I was craving veggies!

Now to get in a few more hours of work, head to the gym, and enjoy my night of house cleaning.  Yea house cleaning!!  (I wish sarcasm was easily conveyed in this thing).

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